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E cig vaporizers are here to save us all. Users of traditional tobacco are switching to electronic cigarettes in a stampede.
The explosion in the sales of personal vaporizers is phenomenal. Vaping is the new way to inhale nicotine.
The growth in the popularity of e-cigs shows no signs of slowing down. This trend will bring axiomatic health benefits to the users of e-cigs.
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By now, everyone is aware of the nefarious side-effects of traditional tobacco. Traditional tobacco harms almost every organ of the body.
In the US, cardiovascular malfunction is the leading cause of death. Smoking not obesity is the major cause of cardiovascular malfunction.
Every year, smoking-related deaths surpasse the deaths caused by HIV aids, all highway accidents, alcohol abuse, drug abuse and firearms deaths combined.
You can easily get the wrong impression of the state of affairs by watching the news. The media can easily have you belief that firearms deaths are spiraling out of control.
Every year, politicians squabble ceaselessly about gun control. Some politicians are fiercely engaged in re-defining the second amendment.
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Best Electronic Cigarette – Gina Carano

With the backing of mainstream media, politicians have launched colossal emotional campaigns to confiscate the guns of law abiding citizens.
You cannot help but get the impression that guns are the greatest evil on the planet.
Yet, all the drive-by shootings, amok shootings, school shootings, police shootings, drug war shootings combined kill less people than regular tobacco.
Cigarette smoke contains more than 410 distinct toxins. Tobacco is a discreet but pernicious killer.
Every normal person should consider the introduction of e-cigs as a blessing given the disastrous calamity that is tobacco.
But, you see, the world is not full of normal people. We have normal people and special interest groups.

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Electronic Cigarette Reviews

These special interest groups have enormous power and huge bags of money to buy off soulless politicians.

The War on Electronic Cigarettes

The special interest groups are on the march. Believe it or not, they have one clear and vicious objective in mind: ban electronic cigarettes.
Several US states from California to Tennessee have already attempted an outright ban on e-cigs.
Thus far, their efforts have been unfruitful. But the tenacious bastards are not about to give up.
They have metamorphosed. They are still wolves but their efforts are being disguised in sheep clothing.

Electronic Cigarette Brands

Fake science is the sheep clothes which they are using to disguise their true agenda.
Recently, government funded studies have published allegations that electronic cigarettes contain huge doses of formaldehyde.
The studies claim that the levels of formaldehyde in e-cigs are 15times higher than the quantities found in regular tobacco.
Formaldehyde is a carcinogen. Carcinogens are chemicals which are susceptible of causing cancer.
This whole scam reminds me of the early days of the mobile phone. Back then scientist claimed that the electromagnetic signals emitted by mobile phones could cause sterility.

Electronic Cigarette Liquid – Sasha Bonilova

Everyone was encouraged to purchase plastic casings for their phones because the casings apparently reduced the mutative impact of electromagnetic signals.
Off course, the sales of plastic casings for mobile phones exploded. Still, a significant number of people continued using their phones without casings.
Believe it or not, numerous studies have been conducted to determine a difference in the rate of cancer occurrence amongst people who use mobile phone casings and people who do not.
The reason you have never heard about these studies is because they do not fit the narrative that fake scientists promoted for years.
More importantly no special interest group stands to benefit from the revelation that mobile phones do not cause impotence.
The fact is electronic cigarettes provide a safe and healthy means to get nicotine. E-cigs have tremendously improved the health of many users.
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You may put your fears to rest. Just like the schemers have failed to ban firearms, they will fail in their efforts to ban e-cigs.
Vaping is here to stay. Order an e-cig starter kit now and enjoy the experience.
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Genital Warts

Warts (verrucas) are small, rough outgrowths that develop on the skin. They look like the bud of a cauliflower.

See Pictures of Warts

There are six major types of verrucas: verruca vulgaris, verruca plana, filiform verruca, verruca acuminata, periungual verruca and verruca plantaris.
Verrucas are pretty common. Most people think that, genital wart is the most widespread form of the skin disorder. In reality, verruca vulgaris is the most common form.

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Wart Treatment

Genital wart is also called venereal verruca or condyloma acuminatum or verruca acuminata.
Do not be shocked, if you run across misspellings such as genetal wart or gential wart. You are merely having a glimpse at the deplorable state of our educational system.

Causes of Warts

Verrucas are caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV). About 110 different strains of this virus exist.
Condyloma acuminatum is caused by HPV types 6, 11, 42 and 44. These viruses are highly contagious.
You do not have to engage in sexual intercourse, in order to become infected. You can become infected during foreplay.

HPV Warts photo pic2 HPV Warts_zpsq0hpyjpx.gif
HPV Warts

You may have noticed that oral verrucas have become extremely rampant these days. The rampancy is the direct result of the current debauchery in society.
The instances of oral sex are at an all-time high. Oral verrucas originate from contact with the genitalia.
Oral verrucas affect the mouth, tongue, lips, throat and gums. They can also be transmitted from one person to another through kissing.
In general, verrucas are transmitted by skin-to-skin contact. It can also be transmitted through other means. However, HPVs are neither air nor water borne.
You can get infected by sharing clothes, shoes or shocks with an infected person. Sharing towels is also a bad idea.
HPVs are not life-threatening. A genital verruca may itch or irritate, but that’s about it.

Foot Warts
Even though, condyloma acuminatum is not life-threatening, it should be treated as soon as possible because condyloma acuminatum makes you more vulnerable to other viruses.
Condyloma acuminatum itches. Intense itching will probably lead you to scratch. Repeated scratching often leads to microscopic abrasions and tiny cuts.
These cuts leave the door wide open for potentially more deadly viruses such as HIV aids or HSV (herpes) to penetrate into the bloodstream.

Wart Treatment

A variety of techniques have proven effective in treating verrucas. These techniques could be classified into two groups: surgical techniques and topical ointment.
Among the most widely used surgical techniques are cryotherapy, laser surgery, electrodesiccation, surgical curettage, infrared coagulation and duct tape occlusion therapy.
Cryotherapy is a surgical procedure which involves the use of extremely low temperatures to destroy the infected tissue.

Planters Warts

Cryotherapy is also called cryosurgery. It is often performed with the help of liquid nitrogen. Liquid nitrogen has an extremely low freezing point.
Surgical curettage is an excision technique, which involves cutting off the lump with the help of a curette.
There are two forms of laser surgery: pulse dye laser and carbon dioxide laser. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.
Pulse dye lasers work by selectively absorbing haemoglobin from the infected tissues. Carbon dioxide lasers work by selectively absorbing water molecules from the infected tissues.
Pulse dye lasers are preferable to carbon dioxide lasers because pulse dye lasers are less painful and less likely to cause scarring.
Infrared coagulation consists of using a beam of infrared radiation to burn the infected tissue.

How to Remove Warts

Beams of infrared light are just like laser treatment; however, they are less expensive. Infrared coagulation is more likely to result in burns and scarring than pulse dye lasers.
Duct tape occlusion therapy consists of covering the infected area with duct tape. This method works best, when implemented in conjunction with fluorouracil.
Wartrol is the most widely used treatment for warts.
Wartrol is an over-the-counter remedy, which contains the potent active agent, salicylic acid. Salicylic acid is extremely proficient at killing HPV.
Wartrol will quickly repair and revitalize your skin. Order the FDA certified wartrol formula now and remove your warts.


Stretch Mark Removal

Stretch marks (striae) are lines that typically appear on the abdominal area.
Initially, these lines appear as reddish or purplish streaks. Gradually, the lines become whitish or silvery.
In general, stretch lines occur in the areas of the body, in which, fat habitually accumulates. These areas include: the hips, thighs, breasts, lower back and buttocks.

Stretch Marks Cream photo pic1 Stretch Marks Cream_zpshkeybaqf.jpg
Stretch Marks Cream

Your doctor may describe your condition as stria distensia. Linea albicante or lineae atrophicae are other scientific names for the condition.

Causes of Stretch Marks

Stria distensia can be triggered by several causes. Rapid growth and weight gain are the most frequently cited causes.
Hormones and genetics also play key causal roles in the occurrence of stria distensia.
The hormone glucocorticoid prevents fibroblasts in the dermis from producing collagen and elastin fibers. What goes on in the dermis is central to the development of stria distensia.
The skin has two main layers. The epidermis is the outer layer. This is the layer of the skin that we get to see.
Stretch Marks Removal photo pic2 Stretch Marks Removal_zpsrg6nkkeb.jpg
Stretch Marks Removal

The dermis is the inner layer of the skin. The structural changes, that produce the streaks on the skin, actually occur in the dermis.
Events that distort the structure of the dermis can trigger stria distensia. Puberty is an example of such an event.
Puberty is a phase of rapid growth. The growth often puts pressure on the skin to extend. The connective tissues in the dermis have an elastic limit.
The dermis tears, if the pressure that is brought to bear upon it, exceeds its elastic limit.
The same phenomenon is produced by excessive weight gain. Obesity is a leading trigger of stria distensia.
The weight of amassed belly-fat puts pressure on the dermis. The dermis tears, when the pressure is sufficiently high.

Stretch Marks Remedy photo pic2 Stretch Marks Remedy_zpsupkna9pq.jpg
Get Rid of Stretch Marks

During pregnancy, enormous pressure is brought to bear upon the skin. Stria distensia usually develops in the third semester, when the baby is heaviest.

Treatment of Stretch Marks

There are several treatment methods for stria distensia. It can be treated with topical tretinoin.
Tropical tretinoins are affective; however, they come with some nefarious side-effects. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has classified teratogen. Medications, that produce birth defects, are called teratogens.
Dermabrasion has also proven effective at treating stria distension.
Dermabrasion is a surgical technique, in which, deep skin abrasion is performed with the help of a wire brush or diamond wheel or sterilized sandpaper or salt crystals.

Stretch Marks Remedy photo pic2 Stretch Marks Remedy_zpsupkna9pq.jpg
Stretch Mark Treatment

Dermabrasion is carried out by a dermatologist in a medical office. Do not attempt to perform dermabrasion by yourself, at home.
In the hands of an amateur, dermabrasion can easily go wrong and result in injuries.
Fractional laser resurfacing is another technique that has proven successful in the treatment of stria distensia. Fractional laser resurfacing is also used in the treatment of scars.
Fractional laser resurfacing consists of using scattered pulses of light to zap the affected area. The laser beam produces microscopic wounds on the zapped area.
The presence of wounds stimulates the production of collagen because collagen is indispensable to the healing process.

Stretch Marks Remedy photo pic2 Stretch Marks Remedy_zpsupkna9pq.jpg
Stretch Marks Removal Cream


Dermatology Stretch Marks Cream

The dermatology stretch marks cream is the ultimate remedy for stria distensia.
It is suitable for people of all body types. Both thin and fat people can use it. If you are fat, it always pays to lose weight.
In fat people, the effects take more time to become self-evident. By losing weight, you will be able to greatly accelerate the results.
The dermatology formula contains the powerful active agent, squalene. Squalene stimulates the production of collagen.
Collagen will strengthen the elastin fibers in your connective tissues and increase the resilience of your skin.
The phenomenal dermatology formula will quickly repair and replenish your skin cells. Order the clinically acclaimed dermatology formula now and remove your stretch marks.


Eczema Causes

Thanks to ongoing research, our understanding of eczema is constantly increasing.

See Pictures of Eczema


Nonetheless, scientists haven’t quite nailed it yet. The exact cause of eczema (atopic dermatitis, tetters, milk crust) still remains elusive.
However, most scientists agree that a defect in the genes of the skin which are responsible for forming the barrier between the body and the external environment play a causal role in atopic dermatitis.

 photo pic1 Treatment of Eczema_zpshbw6bisl.jpg
Treatment of Eczema

The defect in these genes makes the skin more vulnerable to allergens. Allergens are substances that trigger an abnormal reaction from the skin’s immune mechanism.
The defective genes which scientists have identified include: filaggrin, OVOL1, ACTL9 and IL4-KIF3A.
You can determine your likelihood of developing this skin rash be evaluating the medical history of your family members. You are more vulnerable to milk crust, if any of your family members has asthma or allergic rhinitis.
Scientists have also discovered a link between hay fever, asthma and dermatitis.
Up to 80% of children with asthma or hay fever develop dermatitis at some point. Doctors call the link among these diseases, the atopic triad.

Eczema Symptoms - Mayu Koseta photo pic2 Eczema Symptoms - Mayu Koseta_zpsp5elgztf.gif
Eczema Symptoms – Mayu Koseta


Triggers of Eczema

Triggers are substances that irritate or cause an allergic reaction.
Triggers differ from one individual to another. Therefore, you should not be surprised, if we list a substance, to which you are not allergic, as a trigger.
Some triggers are called irritants because they cause itchiness and irritation.
Examples of the most common irritants include: tobacco smoke, industrial chemicals, alcohols, astringents, some detergents and extreme weather conditions.
Irritants can either cause a dermatitis flare up or they can make it worse.

 photo pic3 How to Treat Eczema_zps9xmbkelt.jpg
How to Treat Eczema

You can diminish your chances of coming into contact with an irritant by avoiding itchy materials. Avoid thick clothing made from wool.
Instead, wear clothing made from lighter materials such as cotton or silk. Also develop the good habit of first washing newly bought clothing items (dresses, linen, towels) before use.
Allergens will provoke a dermatitis eruption.
Examples of common allergens include: house dust mites, moulds, grasses, plant pollen, pets and dandruff.
Some foods might trigger an allergic reaction. Examples of foods that are most likely to trigger an allergic reaction include: dairy products, eggs, soy products, wheat, nuts and seeds.

 photo pic1 Treatment of Eczema_zpshbw6bisl.jpg
Hand Eczema

Certain viruses, fungi and bacteria are known to trigger this skin rash.
Staphylococcus aureus are bacteria that normally live on healthy skin. Under certain conditions, they can become infectious.
This usually happens after your skin breaks due to excessive scratching. Staphylococcus aureus then infects the open sores to produce eczema herpeticum or vaccinatum.
Vaccinatum is a variant of the skin rash that overlays the affected area with crusting patches and vesicules. In babies, this strain of the skin rash is life-threatening.

 photo pic1 Treatment of Eczema_zpshbw6bisl.jpg
Infant Eczema


Treatment for Eczema

There are several methods of atopic dermatitis: corticosteroids, immunosuppressants, medication and moisturizers.
Corticosteroids can be used to treat both mild and severe cases. Mild cases are often treated with hydrocortisone, while severe cases are often treated with clobetasol propionate.
Corticosteroids are naturally produced by the adrenal cortex; however, the quantities are not enough to impact a dermatitis flare.
Even though, corticosteroids are naturally produced by the body, prolonged administration of high doses can produce a negative reaction from the body.
Do not use corticosteroids for more than 5days. Prolonged use can trigger skin atrophy, stria and telangiectasia.
 photo pic1 Treatment of Eczema_zpshbw6bisl.jpg
Treating Eczema

Immonusuppressants temporarily suppress the immune system. Immunosuppressants such as pimecrolimus and tacrolimus are effective for short-term treatment.
Immonusuppressants should be the medication of last resort because they have significant side-effects. When you are on immunosuppressants, your doctor will subject you to regular blood tests.

How to Safely Treat Eczema

The revitol cream is the ultimate remedy for eczema.
The revitol formula is 100% natural. Its organic ingredients make it completely safe for babies and pregnant women.
Extensive research has proven that the formula is free of side-effects.

 photo pic1 Treatment of Eczema_zpshbw6bisl.jpg
Natural Eczema Treatment

The revitol formula has won several awards from the International Council on Homeopathic Medicine for its safety and efficacy in treating atopic dermatitis.
The potent revitol cream will quickly restore your PH levels. Order the clinically acclaimed revitol system now and blast your eczema away.


How to Remove Cellulite

Here is the good news to regal about: cellulite can be completely treated.


With a good dose of iron-clad discipline and time, the unsightly dimples and lumps on your thighs, hips and butt can be totally eradicated. 90% of the women out there suffering from hail damage can safely rejoice.


There is a myth floating around that cellulite (hail damage, cottage cheese, mattress phenomenon, orange peel syndrome) cannot be cured because it is inherently genetic.

Cellulite Treatment photo pic1CelluliteTreatment_zps81ce25e7.jpg
Cellulite Treatment

And since there is little you can do about the genes, you were born with; the argument posits that you can do little about the lumps and saddlebags on your hips and buns.


This argument is pointless because the orange peel syndrome is not genetic.


Ignore everything the experts have told you till this point. They have no clue about what they are talking about.


Even the word: cellulite is new. It was coined by a French dietician in the 1970s. Before the 70s, women wore long gowns and didn’t fret about the lumps and saddlebags on their lower limps. And so no one cared to investigate this skin disorder.


The point is the verdict is still out whether the orange peel syndrome is genetic or not. Anyone claiming to have definite knowledge on this subject is a fraud.

Nicole Grey Cellulite-free photo pic2 Nicole Grey Cellulite-free_zpsbenbwdce.gif
Nicole Grey Cellulite-free

Besides, common sense dictates that the orange peel syndrome is not genetic. This skin disorder affects 90% of women at least once in their lifetime. Do 90% of the women on earth have a genetic defect?


It is simply absurd to suggest that more than 90% of the women on earth are suffering from a genetic defect.


What Causes Cellulite?

Cottage cheese is caused by a complex combination of factors. These factors include: metabolism, physiology, poor diet, hormonal changes, the microcirculatory system, the extracellular matrix, alterations of connective tissues and gender-specific skin architecture.


Hormonal changes are instrumental in their causative role. This is evidenced by the fact that the onslaught of cottage cheese begins just after puberty, when the secretion of estrogen starts to spike.


Other hormones that have a causative role include insulin, the catecholamines adrenaline, noradrenaline, thyroid hormone and prolactin.

Cellulite Treatment photo pic1CelluliteTreatment_zps81ce25e7.jpg
Cellulite Remedy

Another prominent factor is the sex-specific skin architecture.


The connective tissues in men and women are laid out differently. In men, the connective tissues crisscross like the mesh of a spider’s web.


In women, the connective tissues run vertically like the white picket fences, typical of middle class neighbourhoods. These vertical columns of connective tissues leave huge spaces for chunks of fat to easily squish through.


Cellulite Treatment

The effective treatment of cellulite consists of combining good nutrition, targeted exercises and the powerful dermatology cellulite solution.


And this is the point, in which, consistent self-discipline comes into play. Not everybody knows how to develop the discipline to exercise daily.

Cellulite Treatment photo pic1CelluliteTreatment_zps81ce25e7.jpg
How to Remove Cellulite

Willpower is the building block of self-discipline. Willpower itself requires glucose. Gulp down a can of energy drink, when your gym hour arrives. This will strengthen your resolve to hit the gym.


Use the pre-commitment technique to force yourself into exercising. Pre-commitment consists of reducing your choices to two alternatives; such that you either exercise or pay some penalty for not doing so.


For example, you can pre-commit to either exercise or not bathe. Alternatively, you can pre-commit to either exercise or not take supper for that day.


Another method to get yourself to exercise as planned is by using self-talk to motivate yourself. The self-talk technique is best performed in front of a mirror.

Cellulite Treatment photo pic1CelluliteTreatment_zps81ce25e7.jpg
Cellulite Cream

You should ultimately seek to transform your discipline into a habit. You need to stick to your exercise schedule for 30days in order for it to become a habit.


Perform high-intensity cardio exercises such as sprinting, squatting and lunging. These exercises will strengthen your connective tissues and increases their flexibility.


Increase your fiber (roughage) intake. Fiber adds bulk to your food, thus facilitating metabolism. Great sources of fiber include: cauliflower, lima beans, kidney beans, lentils, artichoke and spinach.


Use the powerful dermatology cellulite solution to finalize your treatment.

The potent dermatology formula will purge your lymphatic system of toxins and liquefied fats. Order the clinically acclaimed dermatology formula now and get the lean thighs and hips you deserve.

Acne Treatment

The treatment for acne is as common as the skin disorder itself. You can get several over-the-counter medications or you can see a doctor for a prescription.


See Pictures of Acne

Without the right knowledge, the choice of the right medication for you can be daunting. The issue then becomes, “what do you need to know; in order to choose the right medication?”


You need to know what causes acne in the first place. Long lasting treatment is only attained by attacking the causes of pimples. The infection is eradicated once the cause is eradicated.

What Causes Acne?

At the root of a blemish are either hormonal imbalances or factors that lead to vasoconstriction. Oftentimes, it could be any given combination of the two factors.


Teenagers are the primary victims of zits because of the tremendous hormonal changes that occur during puberty. During puberty, the bloodstream is awash with salacious sex hormones called androgens.


These androgens are present in both male and female. The main zits-provoking androgens include: testosterone, dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and dehydroepiandrosterone sulphate (DHEAS).


In addition to androgens, the hormone IGF 1 (insulin growth factor 1) floods the bloodstream of adolescents.


How do these hormones provoke a hickey outbreak?

Acne Home Remedy photo pic1AcneHomeRemedy_zps96b37b6b.jpg
Acne Home Remedy

These hormones cause an over-production of sebum. Sebum is healthy skin oil that is produced by the sebaceous glands. Sebum only becomes hazardous, when it is unable to drain from the pores of the dermis.


The physical pimple, that you notice is the result of sebum and dead skin cells accumulating in a clogged pore. An inflammation of the pimple results upon the action of Propionibacterium acnes.


Besides your hormones, other factors that could lead to the clogging of your pores include: smoking, alcohol consumption, poor diet, genetics and obesity.


Some people are simple genetically predisposed to developing hickey. People with a family history of zits are more likely to develop the skin disorder.

Acne Scars Treatment photo pic2AcneScarsTreatment_zpsd71be558.jpg
Acne Scars Treatment

Obesity is increasingly become a potent force in zits outbreaks. A casual walk down any Western street will tell you why. There are so many fat people; it is like the new fad in town.


In today’s Western world, being fat is becoming the new cool. There is even a fat acceptance movement being peddled on mainstream TV. The fashion houses have started hiring more plus size models.


The restaurants have changed the sizes of their plates. Airlines have started charging fat people more. Off course, this is not dissuading anyone from getting fat and fatter.


Fat accumulates in the dermis and exerts pressure on your pores from all sides. This pressure constricts the diameter of the pore; consequently, less sebum is able to drain.

Acne Scars Treatment photo pic2AcneScarsTreatment_zpsd71be558.jpg
Acne Pills

How to Clear Acne

Getting into shape will tremendously reduce the risk of developing hickey. If you are already infected, getting into shape will greatly reduce its severity.


You must do two things in order to get fit: eat clean and train lean. Increase your intake of carbohydrates (roughage). You need to consume more soluble and insoluble roughage.


Avoid dairy products such as milk and cheese because they contain cow hormones. Instead, eat more roughage like berries, oats and cauliflower.


Furthermore, increase your intake of polyunsaturated fats such as omega-3 fatty acids. Contrary to popular opinion, not all fats are bad. Unsaturated fats actually help alleviate the cardiovascular issues caused by bad fats such as butter.


Exercise regularly. Train for at least 5days per week. Lift weights and do some resistance training. To lose weight, nothing works better than intermittent sessions of intense cardio.

Acne Scars Treatment photo pic2AcneScarsTreatment_zpsd71be558.jpg
Vitamins for Acne

Use the powerful clear pores system for deep body wash.


The clear pores system is a phenomenal body cleansing formula made from herbal supplements. The formula produces enzymes that stabilize your hormones.


The clear pores system contains dandelion root extract. Dandelion root penetrates the dermis and safely forces out all toxins. It dilates the pores, thus facilitating drainage.


Dermatologists highly recommend the clear pores system because of its proven track record of effectiveness. Order the highly acclaimed clear pores system now and get rid of your acne.

Deer Antler Velvet

The flames of the media obsession with deer antler velvet are still burning; ever since, MBL players publicly made their confession.

It is no secret that professional athletes constantly seek to enhance their performance. Whenever, athletes discover a substance that can go undetected by the extremely sophisticated doping tests, you can be that, they will use it.

Deer antler extract is a supplement that has gone undetected for years. It is almost impossible to detect because it is 100% natural.

Deer Antler Velvet Supplements photo pic1DeerAntlerVelvetSupplements_zpsd4a922fb.jpg
Deer Antler Velvet Supplements

Marion Jones, Ben Johnson, Lance Armstrong, etc. slipped through the doping tests. We only knew about these guys because they confessed. Think about the scores of other athletes who secretly use deer antler extract but never confess.

There are literally scores of athletes out there beating the system with natural substances.

Anybody still using steroids these days is a fool. Natural supplements like deer antler extract are the wave of the future.

Deer Antler Velvet Performance Enhancement

The fitness community is laced with urban myths. One of the greatest myths is that, people, who fail to meet their fitness goals, lack motivation.

Of course, there are people, who truly lack motivation; but most people fail due to plain, old fatigue. Most guys set out with gigantic enthusiasm, but quickly return to their old habits after a few training sessions.

Deer Antler Spray photo pic2DeerAntlerSpray_zpsd5c59e93.jpg
Deer Antler Spray

These guys give up and do not even know why. Why do most guys give up? They give up because of muscle fatigue. The muscles take about 3 to 4days to recover after training exercises.

The speed of recovery depends on factors such as age, genetics, intensity of training, sleep, etc. By the way, there is no substitute for sufficient sleep. There is no way around it. In order for the body to recover properly, you must have sufficient sleep.

In our age of ceaseless stress and permanent rush, the importance of sleep cannot be over-emphasized.

After intense training, fluid accumulates around the muscle tissue. This slows down circulation and the proper oxygenation of cells. As a result, you feel weak and exhausted.

Deer antler extract accelerates the dissipation of the fluid.

Deer Antler Spray Bodybuilding
Deer Antler Spray Bodybuilding

Deer Antler Velvet Supplements

Deer antler has been used for ages in traditional Chinese medicine. The Chinese cut the antlers into slices and drink it as tea.

The applications in Chinese medicine include the treatment of arthritis, asthma, liver problems, kidney disorders, indigestion, migraines, headache, cold hands, cold feet, chronic ulcers, overactive bladder, soreness in the lower back and knees.

In modern Western medicine, deer antler is an active ingredient in the treatment of stress, liver disorders, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and blood circulation problems.

In both the West and the East, deer velvet is used as a growth tonic for children. It tremendously improves mental acuity. Improvements in mental performance are pronounced both in children and in adults.

Bodybuilders love it for its capability in developing lean muscle mass.

Athletes use deer velvet as a natural performance enhancing supplement because it strengthens the bones and stimulates the production of red blood cells.

Deer Antler Spray Reviews
Deer Antler Spray Reviews

Red blood cells are indispensable in cellular respiration. They transport oxygen from the lungs to the muscles. When the oxygen content of blood is high, food is converted more efficiently into glucose (energy).

This is the entire secret of how athletes gain endurance and strength.

Athletes do not have a monopoly on some magic formula. It is very simple. Increase the quantity of your red blood cells and you will gain greater strength and endurance. It is really that simple.

The last hidden secret of deer antler is its powerful aphrodisiac properties. After a few weeks of taking these supplements, your erections will become as hard as steel.

The disadvantage is that your erections will also become more frequent. Of course, it is only a disadvantage, if the babe is not around to help you relief the tension.


The story gets even better. These pills are made with a proprietary formula that includes vitamins and testosterone stimulants. Testosterone is the male hormone responsible for masculinity and performance.

This means, you will be having a double boost. Order the highly recommended deer antler velvet supplements now and get a phenomenal thrust of vitality, strength and endurance.


Testosterone is what makes a man a man. Without it, you are just a sissy.

Low testosterone levels are the gateways to sloppiness and chronic fatigue syndrome. If you often feel inexplicably tired, you are probably running short on the virile serum.

Do you often find yourself feeling tired in the early morning hours; even though, you have hardly done any work?

Pro Testosterone Supplements photo pic1ProTestosteroneSupplements_zpsde3a41fe.jpg
Pro Testosterone Supplements

You are not alone. Most people are permanently burnt out. Their search for more energy usually ends up with a few cups of coffee. Off course, they are disappointed because caffeine is the world’s most overrated stimulant.

Energy drinks like “Red bull” are becoming increasing popular. People are always looking for the ultimate performance enhancing juice at the wrong places.

Effects of Low Testosterone Levels

Lack of the manhood hormone will make you a wimp. Erectile dysfunction is looming in the air. You have not seen the trenches of despair and total embarrassment; until, you are all aroused and willing but your manhood just won’t snap to attention.

Life has it awkward moments such as failing an exam, failing in business, going bankrupt, getting kicked out of your house, etc. None is more humiliating than impotency.

It would be better, if you didn’t have the sex drive to begin with.

Best Testosterone Booster photo pic2BestTestosteroneBooster_zps8aef51b8.jpg
Best Testosterone Booster

Testosterone is not only active in sex. It is essential in other vital aspects of male development. Without it, you probably wouldn’t grow a beard. Low levels can also lead to baldness, even in your early twenties.

A low level of the virile serum is responsible for osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is low bone density. It makes your bones thin, porous and more likely to fracture.

Frequent bouts of tiredness should set your alarm bells off. There is no magic involved. Low levels of the masculine hormone leads to tiredness and fatigue.

Without it, the hemoglobin content of your red blood cells drops to all-time lows. Hemoglobin is essential for cellular respiration. Cellular respiration is the absorption of oxygen and the release of carbon-dioxide. This is the point where glucose (energy) gets released into the bloodstream.

Underproduction of the manhood hormone leads to poor distribution of fat. This ends up causing you to gain excess weight.

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Boost Your Sex Appeal with Testosterone

In medical nomenclature, underproduction of the manhood hormone is called hypogonadism. Lack of the virile hormone is not just a recreational issue. It is a medical condition that requires treatment.

If your testosterone levels are less than 300 nanograms per deciliter, you can expect a devastating sperm count. Reduced sexual desire and sexual dysfunction won’t be your only problem.

You can also expect disruptions in your sleep pattern and possibly apnea. You might suffer from a chronic lack of motivation and possibly depression.

How to Boost Your Testosterone Levels

The advantages of increasing your levels of the performance hormone are glaringly self-evident. It is the favorite stimulant for high performance athletes.

Even though, it is naturally secreted by the testes, the Olympics Commission considers it a performance-enhancing-drug (PED). Sophisticated testing techniques have been developed to detect artificial increases in the performance hormone.

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Testosterone Cypionate

If you are an athlete, you should know better than to attempt any of the artificial methods, described below.

The most prominent methods used to increase the levels of the virile serum include: intramuscular injections, transdermal gels, transdermal patches, implantable pellets and oral supplements.

Pro testosterone pills are the most powerful oral supplements on the market. They are totally risk free because the ingredients come from organic plant extracts.

The all-natural formula guarantees you enhanced muscle development, improved strength, heightened performance and prolonged endurance. In addition, your burgeoning sex appeal will blast through the skies.

You will gain Herculean energy levels as your blood increases its capacity to process and circulate oxygen throughout your body. Order the certified, FDA-registered pro testosterone pills now and enjoy the blast of bliss.


Rosacea is a skin disorder that primarily affects the face. The condition is characterized by redness and sometimes pimples. The condition may cause inflammation and skin sores that look like acne.

In general, rosacea starts by a reddening of the skin. Erythema is the scientific term for the non-pathological redness of the skin. You are most likely to experience this disorder on the central face, across the cheeks, nose and forehead.

Those are the body parts, on which, the redness is most likely to break out. Other body parts that occasionally get affected include the neck, chest, ears and scalp.

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Rosacea Remedy

This condition affects all races. But it occurs more frequently among people of a Northwestern European descent. Toddlers and children can be affected; however, it is more prevalent in people aged between 30 and 50.

Men and women are affected differently. Women are three times more likely to get affected than men. Even though, men are less frequently affected, the severity of the infection is more intense in men than in women.

Types of Rosacea

Several types of the infection exist. You may be infected by a single variant or you may concurrently be infected by more than one. The four main types are erythematotelangiectatic, papulopustular, phymatous and ocular. Other less common variants include: conglobata, fulminans and phymatous.

The erythematotelangiectatic variant is characterized by redness, accompanied by a tendency to flush and blush. Infected people tend to have sensitive, dry skin. As a result, the blood vessels near the surface of the skin are likely to become widened.


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The phenomenon whereby blood vessels near the surface of the skin dilate or widen is called telangiectasias. The phenomenon is also called angioectasias or spider veins.

Papulopustular is a variant characterized by redness and red bumps called papules. Some papules are filled with pus and look yellowish. These are called pustules. They often resemble acne.

Phymatous variant is characterized by the thickening of the skin and irregular surface nodularities. The affected area may become flaky, displaying dilated blood vessels near the surface of the skin.

Phymatous is most closely associated with rhinophyma. Rhinophyma is the enlargement of the nose. This variant can also affect the eyelids (blepharophyma), chin (gnathophyma), forehead (metophyma) and ears (otophyma).

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How to Get Rid of Rosacea

The ocular variant affects the eyes, causing blurry vision and in extreme cases, temporary blindness. The general symptoms present during the ocular variant include redness, dryness, gritty eyes and eyelids. Cysts may also form around the eyelids and they may water frequently.

Symptoms and Diagnosis of Rosacea

You can diagnose yourself by simple visual examination. This can be easily done with the help of a mirror. An accurate diagnosis necessitates the knowledge of the symptoms.

The general symptoms include:


-Redness of the face,

-Frequent blushing and flushing,

-A bulbous nose i.e. a thickened red nose,

-Formation of red bumps (papules) and sores that look like acne,

-The sores may form crusts or they may ooze,

-Burning or stinging feeling on the face,

-Irritating and watery eyes,

-Reddened or bloodshot eyes from inflamed blood vessels

See a medical professional, if you have trouble diagnosing yourself. Sometimes the condition resembles acne. This would make it difficult to reach an accurate diagnosis. In such as case, you definitely want to see a medical doctor.

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Treatment of Rosacea

Cause of Rosacea

The cause of rosacea is currently unknown.

Some scientists postulate that high levels of the peptide, cathelicidin and the enzyme, stratum corneum tryptic may be the cause of the condition.

Other studies have established a causal relationship between intestinal flora and facial redness. Separate studies have shown that the levels of demodex mites in the bloodstream increases in patients. While the relationship may not be causal, it is definitely associational.

Several factors can trigger rosacea. The most prominent triggers include: extreme temperatures, emotional stress, anxiety, windy conditions, strenuous exercise, alcohol, spicy foods, humidity, certain body lotions, heated beverages and certain medications.

Treatment of Rosacea

The first step in treating any disorder consists of identifying the triggers. Then eliminate the triggers. For example, if you have been eating spicy foods or drinking alcohol, you should consider changing your eating or drinking habits.

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The Cure of Rosacea

The second stage of your treatment will either consist of medication or topical agents.

The medication for rosacea consists of pharmaceutical drugs such as tetracycline, minocycline or doxycycline. These drugs are mainly antibiotic.

Revitol rosacea cream is a top of the line topical agent. The revitol cream is highly acclaimed for its effectiveness and safety. It has absolutely no side-effects because it is composed of natural ingredients.

The revitol cream contains anti-inflammatory agents that eliminate the redness, swelling and inflammation caused by the infection. In addition, the natural bacteria fighting ingredients in revitol kills the bacteria on the surface of your skin.

Furthermore, the collagen boosting ingredients in revitol soothe and nourish your skin; thus accelerating recovery. Order the advanced revitol formula now and get a rapid relief from rosacea.

Skin Tags

Skin tags are small, fleshy skin outgrowths that look like warts. A skin tag also resembles a nipple. The medical name for skin tags is acrochorda (singular: acrochordon).


Acrochordon is sometimes referred to as fibroepithelial polyp or cutaneous skin tag.


Acrochoda are very common. More than 50% of human beings suffer from acrochorda at some point in their lives. Acrochoda affects both men and women; however, they are more prevalent among women.

You can have a single fibroepithelial polyp or you can have several. They can number in the hundreds and cover a fairly large skin surface.

They tend to occur in skin folds such as the armpits, neck and genitals. In women, acrochorda frequently occurs under the breasts. Other skin creases, in which, tags are likely to appear include: eyelids, natal cleft, umbilicus, face, between the fingers, between the toes, nasal cavity, groin and vagina.

Fibroepithelial polyps can occur at any age; however, their prevalence increases with age. They are more common in middle age people and the frequency of occurrence increases as people approach 60. When tags occur in children and toddlers, the tags usually affect their necks or armpits.


Biopsy is a medical procedure, in which, a sample of the skin is cut off and subjected to clinical tests.

When biopsy is performed on a skin tag, the tag is found to consist of a fibro-vascular core. Sometimes, the core contains fatty cells.


The surface of an acrochordon may be smooth, but it is usually irregular. It is usually just as irregular as the surface of a nipple. The typical acrochordon is less than 1cm long; however, they might attain heights of 5cm. The stalk, from which, the tumor projects is called peduncle.


Causes of Skin Tags

Researchers postulate that acrochorda results from skin rubbing against skin. This theory seems very plausible; given that, acrochorda tends to occur in skin creases and folds.


This theory would also explain; why, acrochorda is more common among overweight and obese people. Overweight people have more skin folds i.e. areas where skin chafing and friction occur more frequently.

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Skin Tags Remover
The friction must not necessarily be skin against skin. Other theories postulate that tags may arise from the friction of clothing or jewelry against skin. Regular shaving also puts strain on the skin as sharp razor blades trim stubs of hair. The friction of the razor blades against the skin might also trigger acrohorda.


Fibroepithelial polyps do not appear at birth; yet, some studies suggest that, they are congenital. Strong evidence has not yet been established to prove a definite genetic causal component.


Biopsies conducted on acrochorda samples have revealed the presence do low-risk HPV 6 and 11. HPV stands for Human Papillomavirus. The presence of HPV 6 and 11 suggest that, they may play a role in the pathogenesis of the skin condition.


Generally, skin tags are not comorbid.

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Skin Tags Relief
In medicine, comorbidity is the phenomenon, in which, a secondary disorder (infection) co-occurs with the primary disorder (infection).


On rare occasions, eczema co-occurs with acrochorda. Some studies suggest that eczema triggers acrochorda. Other infections that co-occur with acrochorda include: Birt-Hogg-Dubé syndrome, acromegaly and polycystic ovary syndrome.


Treatment of Skin Tags

Fibroepithelial polyps are basically harmless and do not require treatment. On very rare occasions, acrochorda itch and irritate. These are very rare occasion when, they occur on moist surfaces like the vagina.


Most of the time, people opt to treat their acrochorda because of esthetic reasons. Some people find even a single skin tag on their face, too unsightly to bear. This might provoke a profound self-esteem crisis, especially in women.

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Skin Tags Treatment
Treatment can be carried out at home or in a medical setting.


Your dermatologist disposes of several techniques to treat the condition. The most widely used techniques include: cauterization, cryosurgery, excision or surgical ligation.


Revitol skin tag remover is all-natural homeopathic remedy. It is based on the potent active agent, thujaoccidentalis. The advanced revitol formula is a painless cure for your skin tag.


Revitol works on all skin types and guarantees a soothing recovery. The revitol cream leaves no scars and causes no pain. Order the certified, FDA-registered revitol remedy now and get rid of your

skin tags.