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Achieve Advanced Levels of Superhuman Focus
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A Healthy Mind Lives in A Healthy Body
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A Lot of People Run A Race To See Who is the Fastest. I run to see who has the most guts.
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Attain Intense Focus Through Relaxation
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Be Like Water or Be Like Steel Depending on Circumstances
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Desire is the Starting Point of all Great Achievements
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Focus and the Almighty Energy of God Will Flow
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Give Up the Blame Game, Take 100% Responsibility and Reprogramme Your Mind
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Let Nothing Stand Between You and The Objective
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Relentless Merciless Fanatic Legendary Effort
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Step out of The Routine and Clear Your Mind
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Strengthen Your Will Power to the Point of Uncompromising Domination
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Use Logic Perception Imagination Memory and Become Unstoppable
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What is Work Ethic? Dream Big Plan Diligently Act Massively

Why Mental Toughness is Indispensable to Your Survival

Go Beyond Survival and Use Mental Toughness to Thrive

Is your mental toughness fine-tuned to the ultimate level of readiness? Are you prepped to go against the crowd and be among the smart few, left standing when, disaster strikes?


If you are reading this line, you can no longer escape the responsibility of choice. You can either chose to remain ignorant and be a statistic like the dead and forgotten New Orleans victims of hurricane Katrina, or you can chose to prepare and thrive.



Before you delve into this mental toughness revelation, please take 5minutes of your time and read this Wikipedia article on Normalcy Bias. You will not regret informing yourself about normalcy bias because you are human. And by your nature, you are subject to the normalcy bias.


In the face of life threatening danger, we still long to belief that everything is normal. We reassure ourselves that all is well because our neighbours are not alarmed. We remind ourselves that the guy on TV, screaming impending disaster was screaming impending disaster last year and the year before. But no disaster ever transpired; hence, we conclude that, it will never occur.


Wake up!


Here are the shocking statistics which should scare your ass into action. And by the way, for those in Europe who think they are not concerned, think again! The US, European and Asian economies are closely interdependent trading partners. Any shock in the US is guaranteed to reverberate across the oceans, taking down its major trading partners with it.


15% of the US population is on food stamps. (Source: Wall Street Journal)


The US dollar has been a fiat currency, backed by nothing, since President Richard Nixon ended the Bretton Woods System by taking the US off the Gold Standard in 1971.


The dollar’s only value comes from its unique status as the world’s reserve currency. The US dollar’s status as the international reserve currency comes from the fact that global oil sales are denominated in dollars. Should the US lose its reserve status, the US government will be unable to hide the dollar’s true rate of inflation of more than 120%. (Source: National Inflation Association)


Are the days of the US dollar as world reserve currency numbered?


The Golf Arab states, Brazil, China, Russia, Japan and France have been pushing for a different world reserve currency since 2009. (Source: Wikipedia)


Why should you give a damn about these changes? You should be concerned because the US dollar is on the brink of a catastrophic collapse. When will the US dollar collapse? Neither you, nor I, nor anyone else can predict the future. Any fraud, hiding behind sophisticated algorithms and cutting-edge computer models, who claims otherwise, is a charlatan. No one knows, when the US dollar will collapse. But it will collapse.


This is simply a proven historical fact. Throughout history, all fiat currencies have eventually collapsed.


Some so-called experts believe that, a currency collapse cannot occur in the USA. These are the same experts, who didn’t see the subprime, financial meltdown of 2008.



In the early 1990s, no one could have predicted the fall of the Soviet Union. The US and the USSR were the two most powerful countries on earth. The USSR was a superpower; yet, they collapsed under the weight of financial burdens.



I am not painting a picture of biblical apocalypse. When the Soviet Union collapsed, the Russians didn’t just go puff and disappear into thin air. But Russians did go through unspeakable starvation, epidemic crime wave, rampant rape, daily murders and diabolical looting by armed, hungry mops. The riots and anarchy lasted close to 10years and took millions of lives.



What will happen in the US, when the government breaks down, leaving 15% of population without food stamps? 15% translates to more than 1 cold, angry and starving man, woman and child out of every 10 Americans.



Watch the video below for a sneak preview of what’s to come. See what well-fed lemmings are doing to each other, over electronic gadgets? May I remind you that, electronics are not necessities of life? What will these abhorrent punks inflict on you, to rob your food, water and warmth?


Do you wish to be at the mercy of their humanity, not to snatch your property at gun-point?


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